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Healthy Wave Mat

  • 30 minutes
  • 25 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

The Healthy Wave Mat, Multi-Wave PEMF™ PRO Mat harnesses all of the key technologies and different types of crystals in one single mat. Its key feature is the programmable multi-wave PEMF feature allowing you to set the PEMF wave type (square or sine wave), frequency (1-25Hz), intensity (up to 3000 milli-gauss) and more. This allows you to choose virtually almost any type of PEMF signal to perfectly suit your needs. Additionally it contains 8 high quality copper PEMF coils, 60 red therapy lights, Amethyst crystals, Tourmaline crystals, Obsidian crystals, Quartz crystals and Jade crystals. This Professional model Healthy Wave Mat fits perfectly on a standard sized massage table and was designed for professional use in mind. This makes it long enough for the average person to lie down on and receive the benefits throughout their entire body. Due to the PEMF being included in the mat it cannot be bent in any direction and can only be used on flat surfaces. It can be folded in 3 sections for easy storage or transported in its carrying case. Multi-Wave PEMF features Comes with 10 pre-programed 20 minute PEMF programs and 2 one hour PEMF programs. Easily set any new PEMF program and save for future use Lets you control all aspects of PEMF including Wave Type ( Square wave or Sine wave ) Frequency ( 1 to 25 pulses per second [Hz] ) Pulse Duration or "drop off rate" ( Medium, Fast or Ultra Fast ) Intensity up to 3000 milli-gauss (10%, 25%, 50%, 75% , 100%). Easily set your desired PEMF or program "4 step" PEMF programs. Millions of possible PEMF programs! The pre-programmed PEMF programs consist of different combinations of frequencies, wave types, intensities and pulse durations. For every PEMF program these combinations of PEMF signals change every 5 minutes. The pre-selected PEMF programs are based on research studies and clinical applications as a guide. Each 20 minute PEMF program will provide you with a PEMF "sweep" of 4 different wave selections. The one hour PEMF programs provide a PEMF "sweep" of 12 different wave selections. Therefore you are always experiencing changing PEMF signals to provide a comprehensive response. You can also change any of the programmable parameters to adjust to your specific needs as you get your personal experience feedback from using the mat. This is the unique abilility of the "Multi-Wave" PEMF design which allows this enormous selection of different PEMF waveforms. This also allows the user to use different beneficial PEMF

Contact Details

  • 218-626-7801

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